The Keys to your Golden Handcuffs? Explain.

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Reza Rezvi
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Reza Rezvi

May 20, 2022

The Keys to your Golden Handcuffs? Explain.

When we were establishing the foundation for Heymaker Media, we asked ourselves, “What TRULY Makes Us Different?”.

Ah - the golden question! Every organization in this world, regardless of the industry, wants to separate themselves from their competition. And time and time again, my conversations with different C-level Executives has led me to conclude that what most organizations think makes them different, is actually no differentiator at all. 

For Heymaker, we dissected our branding to unravel the slogan:

The Keys to Your Golden Handcuffs

(Once you finish this blog, I can already hear you say “Ahhhh - I get it now!!”)

Education and Empowerment  is in our DNA

Before we get to the definition of our slogan, some context:

As we were crafting our messaging, we quickly identified our team’s desire to educate and empower our clients. Only through education can there be a thorough understanding of the brand and how to sustainably carry that forward, and amplify it throughout the company. 

The fact is, most service-based organizations, from ad agencies to personal trainers to many others, focus on offering the requested services like a transaction. They rarely explain the “why” behind their action because this would be an insider look into how the secret sauce is made.

What’s the Risk of Learning How the Secret Sauce Is Made?!

Simple. Once you learn the ingredients behind the sauce, you no longer need to purchase it because you can create the sauce yourself.

For instance, most Personal Trainers won’t break down why you should do 3 sets x 10 reps for visual aesthetics vs 5 sets x 5 reps for muscle mass and strength.  Similarly, most marketing agencies won’t educate you on how each paragraph on your content should be structured. Instead, they’ll produce the requested content and hand it over.

While these are common practices in the marketplace, ohhh how short-sighted they are! The impact for you as the client is even worse:

If you don’t understand the “WHY” then these changes/suggestions/whatever you want to call them are unsustainable, and you will never truly master your brand.

Let’s go one step further….

“They” Know Your Brand. Unfortunately, You…Don’t

Most people that read my blog posts will know that I like to articulate my points via stories so here’s a scenario for you:

  • A CEO of a hospital (let’s call it “Brandcare”) hires an ad agency to craft their ‘brand’. 

  • The ad agency conducts an assessment on Brandcare’s marketing infrastructure and concludes that Brandcare does not have a brand but rather inconsistent messaging. They decide to overhaul everything (website, marketing collateral, social media, the nine!).

  • The CEO of Brandcare agrees, and outsources the entire overhaul to the ad agency. The agency sets the scope and timeline then produces an outstanding quality of work. 

  • Brandcare now has an official brand - woohoo! They decide to maintain an ongoing relationship with the ad agency due to their exceptional performance.

Do you see anything wrong with this scenario? Most won’t. 

Here’s the problem:

In this scenario, the CEO of Brandcare does not know the brand. The marketing agency does. If the marketing agency leaves or is fired from Brandcare for whatever reason, the brand collapses. 

This problem could have been avoided if the CEO asked the ad agency to explain why they chose certain words as part of Brandcare’s messaging or how they derived to the Values and Mission Statement, which ultimately will dictate the culture of the company. 

At Last, “The Keys to your Golden Handcuffs” 

In a nutshell, the scenario described above is the “Golden Handcuffs” which 90% of people succumb to without even knowing it.

Through empowerment and education, we at Heymaker Media, will be the key and relinquish you from these golden handcuffs.

We have your best interests at heart and more importantly, we want YOU to have a thorough understanding behind all of our actions so that you too can carry the torch and pass it on throughout your organization, well after we are removed from the equation (if you so choose to let us go!)

We want you to know your brand and create a sustainable and cohesive company culture. It’s as simple as that.